Brogan is a multi-passionate entrepeneur. She is  a Holistic Life, Embodiment & Manifestation Coach using mindset and energy tools to create unstoppable growth. As a proud wife and mama to three gorgeous littles, her path to natural living began when she first became aware of how much harm birth control had done to her physical and mental health. She became even more conscious about the choices she was making when she became pregnant with her first daughter, Dalila. Through trial, error, and a passion for growth, Brogan continually strived for the knowledge necessary to nourish a healthy mind & body. It wasn’t until two heartbreaking miscarriages that she realized she had deeper wounds to heal and much more to learn on a spiritual level. Brogan and her husband, Chad, have been living life holistically and consciously while instilling healthy values in their children. 


Her journey has taught her the intuitive wisdom found within and the importance of healing the complete self: the mind and body as one; knowing all is connected. As a life-long learner and a passion for helping others, it has become Brogan’s mission to educate women on holistic lifestyle, movement, energy work, and exploring the individual root causes of symptoms to heal. Most importantly, she envisions a world in which women and mothers are empowered with the honor of embodying ALL that a woman is.

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learn to Honor  your innate  wisdom  to  manifest a life you LOVE  

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Did you know that our body is made up of energy that is measurable? This type of testing falls into the holistic health realm. While this is not a diagnostic tool to be confused with any type of western medicine testing, we are able to test stressed systems of the body. This testing process has the ability to read the energetic resonance that emanates from the hair and saliva samples.

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Deeply Rooted is a twelve-week program designed to tap into your intuition and find the root cause of dis-ease and discomfort. This was created to help women look within and feel at home in their bodies and life. Included is a Balanced Health hair and saliva bio resonance scan to take the  guesswork out of how your body is functioning, what nutrients it may be lacking, and what toxins are creating issues. We will cover all the foundations for your best health yet.



Brogan provides personalized support for mamas and families throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  It is her intention to give women the tools to empower themselves and create confidence in their birth experience. She believes every mama and her partner should have the right to resources and knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and all of the options that are available to them.

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Brogan is one of the most genuine people you will ever come across! Her ability to uncover what is keeping you from feeling your best is unlike what you might expect. She uses tools and techniques that are as unique as your situation! I could not believe some of the things she discovered about my environment and health! If you are looking for someone to help guide you to a healthier more vibrant version of you, Brogans your girl!

Nicki hoffman


Brogan is a beautiful soul to me. She is encouraging no matter how many excuses or how many times I would put myself down.  She is passionate about being healthy and happy in this life and will go the extra mile for you.  Her passion and patience know no bounds despite what she might be going through.  Brogan is realistic about fitness, health goals, and how they fit into your personal and professional life.  I feel absolutely blessed to have Brogan in my life as a coach and most importantly as my friend.

Nina Francheski

I got WAY MORE than I ever bargained for. I wanted to feel better and release some weight. I did accomplish both of these but I also feel I received true, lasting healing. I feel like I hit the reset button and added years of health and longevity to my life. I also worked past the resistance I had to drawing and painting which is a HUGE added and unforeseen bonus. I can honestly say I feel more confident and just more myself which has been like reuniting with an old friend. Fascinating. Empowering. I am filled with such gratitude for you and your work, Brogan!

rachel mayer


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