• You're a woman meant for more, and you just feel stuck in how to create the life of your dreams

  • One minute you’re killing it in your health & leadership where you are doing everything you know you should be doing then the next you don't know how to keep up with the momentum 

  • Imposter syndrome shows up on the regular and makes you question whether you can do it all; show up for everyone AND show up fully in your purpose.. without being overwhelmed AF

  • You’re taking all the action and implementing all the the strategies for your health & leadership you should be, but it's not sticking for you 

  • When things don’t go as planned (i.e. life gets in the way), your self-worth takes a hit and you feel like there’s something wrong with you. 

I've been in where you are

When I first stepped into full mind-body health it was after being deeply depressed... riddled with anxiety and panic attacks. I was so damn stuck. I ended up having two miscarriages which led me to my rock bottom. I knew I was out of alignment and the only way to my healing was to take radical responsibility for my joy and to stop giving my power away. 

I allowed fear, self-doubt, and toxic thoughts to run the show and they kept me small for YEARS. 


Working on my mindset was a game changer for me. It really amplified after I had my miscarriages and I got pregnant with my son, Lincoln. I decided to have a free-birth with him and my mindset gave me the willpower to create my dream birth. 


Once you take care of your body, reset old negative thoughts and feelings, and reprogram the limiting beliefs that are keeping you right where you are, the sky's the limit. Literally


Through leading myself, I lead my clients to do the same.

when you upgrade your mind,

reset negative emotions,

heal + optimize your body:

  • You love your body and feel hella confident

  • Life begins to flow with ease

  • You feel unstoppable 

  • You’re unapologetically stepping into your leadership to change the world 

  • You no longer need a ANY external validation to make you feel like you’re good enough. The only person you need validation from is YOU.

  • Those big, wild goals you have. They actually feel doable instead of a far-fetched fantasy and you’re moving closer to them every single day. Watch out world. 

  • You step into your authentic power to create the life you've ALWAYS wanted.. there is no holding back 



My transformational framework blends mindset modalities such as hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, Tapping with modern magical tools and energy work to help you heal & master your mindset and body to elevate your life and fully step into your leadership.

Each session will be different. I use my expertise to reach for the right tools as needed. Sometimes it’s a coaching conversation to dig deeper where you get an AHA moment or an NLP technique that banishes a limiting belief in just minutes.

Other times we might reprogram your subconscious mind with hypnosis or do some deep energy healing work with removing trapped emotions or Rapid Tapping. I’m here to guide you through the process and let you lead the way so you can tap into your greatest potential.




(The Foundations)

  • 90 Min Holistic Wellness Assessment To Track Your Progress Over Our Time Together ($97 value)
  • 90 Min Mental Emotional Release Session (A Scientific & Spiritually Proven Process To Clear Negative Emotions to Fulfill Your Greatest Potential) 
  • (2) Bioenergetic hair and saliva analysis scans to make your holistic health & nutrition  easy and catered to your specific energy 
    • 1 scan addressing the full physical body​ 
    • 1 scan addressing the emotional body 


(Taking Action to Manifest A Body & Life You Love)

  •  3 coaching calls/month (Healing work to reprogram mindset & limiting belief blocks using NLP, Tapping, TIME techniques, hypnosis, shadow work, reparenting, journaling , creating a Vision Plan & Install It Into Your Timeline) (12 calls total)

  • 2 15 min SOS calls for when shit gets real and you want extra support to guide you through it

  • 24/7 telegram access for celebrations, when resistance hits (fear, self-doubt, triggers), questions regarding holistic health & leadership, awareness & realizations.. and more.. there is NOTHING off limits here. 

  • Discount on Practitioner Grade Supplements & Access to all my resources & any paid workshops I have going on.. you get it it all ( I have invested nearly 40k+ over the years  in Holistic Wellness, Energy Healing & Leadership - you get to use  to all my wisdom... just have to ask!)




"Brogan has changed my life in ways I've tried for so long on my own and just couldn't do it.For the first time in my adult life someone was able to get into the root cause of most of my problems and show me why I am struggling then help me change that. From books, podcasts and guidance... I've now been in the gym for 1.5 years, became more in-tune and patient mother/wife. I have learned to fill my cup, so I can fill others.  She helped me understand my childhood experiences, why it was holding me back and how to let go. She isn't just a coach to me, she's a lifelong friend who I go to for most things. Her beautiful soul captures you into something you never thought you could become."

- demi melgar

the investment


If you’re ready to revolutionize your mind & body and step into a new level of success and abundance in your body & life, this high-level 4-month coaching program is for you. We’ll get crystal clear on your BIG vision, uncover and reprogram the mindset blocks that are holding you back from bringing it to reality while optimizing your physical body.


The result = Unshakeable confidence, more abundance, more clarity, and a limitless mindset.


Abundance loves speed... lets go! Apply Below & Let's Chat!