Mental- Emotional Release Intensive

A scientifically + spiritually proven process to clear your negative emotions and help you get out of your own way​ so you can step into your greatest potential


What is Mental Emotional Release?

Mental Emotional Release (MER) is a clinically-researched approach that aims to help you release anxiety, stress, fear and any other negative emotions.​


It’s like an emotional detox for clearing negative emotions and beliefs that are holding you back, gaining control over your life, and even overcoming procrastination.


This quick, yet long-lasting technique includes a process where the client works with their unconscious mind and memories stored in the unconscious to uncover the “root cause” of the negative emotion or limiting belief.


It’s one of the fastest and most effective ways to “clear” negative emotions.

What the MER Intensive does...

● Clears emotional clutter so you can focus on taking action on your big ideas

● Removes limiting beliefs so you feel empowered and confident in your life and body

● Creates a solid plan for taking inspired action and achieving your big goals

● Reduces anxiety around stepping into your leadership, abundance, and success by installing a SMART goal into your future


● You’re tired of listening to the nasty voice in your head telling you “you’re not good enough” 

● You're tired of feeling like you can't keep it together

● You’re done with the fear, doubt and insecurities that are keeping you overwhelmed and uncertain when it comes to making big decisions

● You’re ready to clear all the emotional baggage that’s been filed away in your memories since childhood

● You want to take your power back and choose new, empowering thoughts and beliefs about what’s possible for you and your life

● You’re ready for a clarity and confidence uplevel in your life so you can show up better for yourself and everyone else

● You’ve been sabotaging your own progress and y​ou know it​...but you don’t know how to stop

● You know deep down that you’re meant for more, but something is keeping you stuck



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Client Love

Doing MER work with Brogan has been fascinating. I would show up to a call  with limiting beliefs that were tightly wrapped around a lot of emotions, beliefs that were not serving me and I wanted to release. Working through each one would miraculously change my perspective and give me such a big picture view. I could take the lessons of tough experiences but not the heavy, clunky emotions that wanted to come with it previously. In one instance I went from feeling judged to feelings of wholeness. It was incredible.

-rachel mayer


● 2 Hour Coaching Session​- Removing Limiting Beliefs, Reducing Anxiety  & Releasing Negative Emotions

● 60 Min Coaching Session​- SMART Goals Strategy Session + NLP technique to install your goal into your future

This is the “easy button” for removing limiting beliefs, negative emotions, sabotaging patterns and energy blocks!

the investment